Maryland Search And Rescue

Maryland Search And Rescue

Maryland Search And Rescue

Baltimore Shomrim created a new division Maryland Volunteer Search and Rescue in the beginning of 2020, to address the growing need of a quick response search and rescue network of volunteers.

The goal is to implement stronger ties with local agencies as well as establish more specific workflows. Having a set of standard operating procedures allows first responders to immediately go into action when responding to a need, and it is this ability to act fast that can mean the difference between life and death.



Learn more about the MVSAR, a new division of Baltimore Shomrim.

About SAR


About Shomrim

MVSAR is a new division of Shomrim; learn more about Shomrim.

About Shomrim

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All Terrains

MVSAR operates in all terrains to help ensure the quickest and safest rescue of any missing person.

Urban Settings

We work in urban settings, searching for missing persons in an urban environment.

Water Rescue

We work on water, offering water search and rescue using available equipment.


MVSAR coordinates SAR efforts in suburban settings as well as in the outdoors and in cities.


MVSAR conducts search and rescue operations in the outdoors, including forests and wilderness.


Mountain ranges that are reasonably close to MVSAR are potential staging grounds.


Learn more about Maryland Volunteer Search And Rescue (SAR).

About SAR

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