Shomrim AwardsShomrim of Baltimore is the recipient of numerous awards and recognition since first patrolling the streets of Baltimore. These awards include the highly competitive Maryland Governor’s Award for Community Service in 2009, in which there were only 3 recipients out of a total of 300 applicants.

Shomrim works hand in hand with other local organizations to help ensure the safety of all residents.


  • 2009 Maryland Governor’s Award for Community Service
  • 2008 State of Maryland General Assembly Citation for Excellence in Community Service
  • 2008 Baltimore County Council Good Neighborhood Volunteer Service Award
  • 2008 Baltimore County Executive Excellence Citation for Volunteer Service
  • 2008 Baltimore City Police Special Certificate of Recognition


Shomrim Hero Pic of Group

Additional Accolades & Recognition

  • Governor’s Certificate of Merit for Crime Prevention
  • Official Citation from the Maryland General Assembly
  • Resolution from the Baltimore County Council for Our Volunteer Service
  • Special Certificate of Recognition from Baltimore County Police
  • Executive Citation from the Baltimore County Executive for Volunteer Service Award
  • Annual Good Neighbor Week Award for Baltimore County
  • Resolution from the City Council of Baltimore for Recognition of Valiant Service and Critical Life-Saving Assistance
  • Recognition from Mayor Dixon for our “tireless work and rapid response”

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