About Us

In response to increasing crime trends in our local community, a group of concerned citizens founded Shomrim of Baltimore, Inc. in October-2005, as a 501(c)3 non-profit community organization whose overall mission is to improve public safety and security.  We respond to calls received on our hotline, (410) 358-9999, 24 hours a day/365 days a year, and our personnel are normally on-site within minutes.

Currently, we have over 30 volunteer incident responders who provide security and safety assistance in the Northwest Baltimore Neighborhood which encompasses parts of Baltimore City and Baltimore County.  We work very closely with both police departments by assisting them in deterring crime, being additional ‘eyes and ears’ in our neighborhoods; thereby helping them make more arrests and improve the overall quality of life in our neighborhood.  In fact, in some cases the police request our assistance in cases such as missing persons, community events and other matters.

In an average month, we respond to 130-150 calls.  People call us whenever something goes wrong: theft of property, an assault, or even a hit-and-run accident. But, we are also called when things might be wrong: when someone comes home to find a front door or back window open, they call Shomrim. When they see someone looking in their car's window, or coming up onto their property - or even taking pictures of their children, homes, or synagogues - they give us a call. We respond and ensure everyone is safe and property is secured.  In case of an emergency, call 911.

Our Mission

Northwest Baltimore is a high crime and highly diverse neighborhood with residents representing various ethnic groups. This area also contains a large, concentrated Jewish population with many 25 synagogues and temples, private primary/secondary schools, a Jewish Community Center, and senior housing facilities.

Accordingly, Shomrim of Baltimore, Inc.’s mission is based on six major strategic goals. More specifically:
1) Gather intelligence on security and safety issues affecting our community
2) Obtain and gather relevant information to report to local law enforcement agencies
3) Develop a much needed security presence in the community we serve
4) Prevent crimes from occurring, whenever possible
5) Increase the perception of community safety and security in our areas
6) Work with local community neighborhood associations and other groups to educate the community about crime reduction efforts in our neighborhoods

Board Information

As a non-profit community organization, Shomrim of Baltimore, Inc. is managed on a day-by-day basis by its dedicated officers who service as our Board of Directors. Currently, there are six officer positions: President, Vice-President, Assistant Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Assistant Secretary.

Furthermore, we have twenty additional personnel who serve as special advisors to our organization. These individuals contribute their professional knowledge, work experience, subject matter expertise and training services in such areas as: mental health services, physical security, counter-terrorism, intelligence gathering and emergency management services. In addition, our special advisors provide on-call services in order to assist Shomrim Dispatchers and Units in select emergency situations.


We are proud of the various awards and recognition that been bestowed upon us from various government organizations over the past few years.  Most notably, the highly competitive 2009 Maryland Governor’s Award for Community Service (i.e. one of three recipients based on 300 applications), 2008 State of Maryland General Assembly Citation for Excellence in Community Service, 2008 Baltimore County Council Good Neighborhood Volunteer Service Award, 2008 Baltimore County Executive Excellence Citation for Volunteer Service and 2008 Baltimore City Police Special Certificate of Recognition.

Other awards include:
Governor's Certificate of Merit for Crime Prevention
Official Citation from the Maryland General Assembly
Resolution from the Baltimore County Council for Our Volunteer Service
Special Certificate of Recognition from Baltimore County Police
Executive Citation from the Baltimore County Executive for Volunteer Service Award
Annual Good Neighbor Week Award for Baltimore County
Resolution from the City Council of Baltimore for Recognition of Valiant Service and Critical Life-Saving Assistance
Recognition from Mayor Dixon for our "tireless work and rapid response”.